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professor juniper only gives you one but you can get another one in a Pokemon center somewere

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Q: How many master balls does professor juniper give you?
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How do you get master balls Pokemon Black?

In Pokemon black you can get only one master ball, heading to route 10 having all the badges Professor Juniper will stop you and she will give you one.

How do you get master balls on pokemon white?

Once you've beaten Drayden who is one of the Gym Leaders you will come across Professor Juniper and she will give you one Master Ball.

Where can you get master balls on Pokemon Black?

the professor will give it to you after you have beaten the 8th gym.

How do you get master balls in Pokemon Black 2?

You can get multiple Master Balls in Pokémon Black 2, Professor Juniper will give you one once you run into her in Mistralton City and you will also receive one from Colress once you battle him and defeat him on the Plasma Frigate after you've beaten Iris, the Pokémon League Champion. Additionally you can win Master Balls from the Raffle Shop in the Join Avenue.

Where do you get a master ball in Pokemon white?

Professor Juniper gives you a master ball after defeating Iris/Drayden. An agent in the Pokemon Centre of Castelia City will give another after you make 50+ trades in the GTS

Where do you get the master ball?

If you want to get master balls in the beginning you have need the cheat code! There's no way you can get it any other way in the beginning. But in the last part you fly to Professor Oak he will give you a master ball! For cheat code you can have master balls for free!

How do you get a masterball in Pokemon black?

As you leave Opelucid city after defeating the 8th gym leader, going north to route 10, Professor Juniper will show up and give you the master ball.

Where can you buy masterballs in Pokemon platinum?

You can't buy master balls in any version...In some point the professor will give you only 1 master ball so you need to use it wisely. You could get as many master balls as you want only if you cheat.

When does Professor Elm give you the master ball?

galactic HQ indiamond. ? in pearl. and no Professor Elm. rather oak or rowan!

Where to get a town map in Pokemon Black?

Professor Juniper will give you one when you go to Route 1.

Where can you get master balls in Pokemon black?

You gat a master ball after you defeat dreyden in black , or iris in white, professor juniper gives you one , then if you go to the Pokemon center in castelia city , you must talk to the man next to the union room , ( with the black hair and sunglasses) and after you have traded fifty Pokemon he will give you a master ball, he also gives you a choice scarf , a zoom lens , a wide lens , an everstone , and I can't remember what else off the top of my head , but I think those are the two ways, or you can just trade Pokemon who are holding master balls, I hop that helped

How do you get a master ball in Pokemon White?

Professor Juniper will give it to you after you beat Iris, (exit the gym, then Juniper appears). Also you can get one in Castelia city after you have 50 different Pokemon IDs, which means you have to have traded 50 times or more and it's the guy in the black suit in the Castelia city Pokemon center.You don't have to use your master ball that you get from Professor Juniper on the Reshiram. The game wants you to catch it with any ball, I caught it once with Quick Ball. I don't know if this will work with you but it is worth at try, and always save before and after something important!