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Well, there is 140 levels but when you get to level 50,you can chose whether or not you want to play free play until you run out of lives. I know that because i got to level 49 and it told me in a little speech bubble on the bottom of the game screen. Then I lost to 10 brown balloon's.

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Q: How many levels in bloons tower defense 3?
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How many levels are there in bloons tower defense?

On bloons tower defense 3, 50 on easy, 50 on medium, and 50 on hard Your welcome :)

How many levels are in bloons tower defense 1?

I know it is higher than 50

How many levels are in bloons tower defense 3?

unlimited as long as you decide to keep going

How many levels there are in bloons tower defense 3?

i used cheat engine 5.4 and got over lvl 140....

How many bloon tower defence r there?

There are 4 Bloons Tower Defense and I think there's a new one coming out, the 5th.

What are some popular tower defense games?

There are many popular tower defense games. The most popular tower defense games are Bloons TD5, Vector TD, Budapest Defenders, Zombie SAS, and Shock Defense.

How many levels are on bloons tower defence 3?

I just got to 150. 150 is the max. Or at least on the iPhone app it is.

How do you get all towers bloons td 4?

Level up by popping as many bloons as you can. Each level unlocks a new tower or upgrade.

Are there cheats for bloons tower defense?

There is a cheat on BTD 1 and 2Here's how it works:1.Buy a tower (any tower)2.Press the Tab key until you reach the upgrades3.Press enter many times4.Click the Tab key again and press enter many times(more better with tack tower)

How do you play bloons?

Bloons is a tower-defense game which involves strategically placing towers to stop waves of balloons crossing a path through the screen. The latest online release is Bloons tower defense 3, which features many different types of tower and bloon, and varied game modes. Bloons tower defense 2 and 3 are also available on Ios.

how many levels are in the tower?

there are three levels are in the tower

Which company produces Tower Defense?

Many tower defense games exist with the phrase "Tower Defense" in their title. Two popular games of the genre are Flash Element TD, by David Scott, and Desktop Tower Defense, by Paul Preece. Both of these were developed by independent game designers.