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Moshi Monsters will continue to add levels to keep members interested in playing the game, so there is no definite answer to how many levels there are on Moshi Monsters.

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Q: How many levels are there on Moshi Monsters forever?
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How many levels with trophies are on moshi monsters?

All levels have trophies.

How many levels are on moshi monsters with out being a member?


How many monsters are Katsuma on Moshi Monsters?

There are many members who have Katsumas on Moshi Monsters.

How many trophies can you get in Moshi Monsters?

The answer to this question is always changing. You can get trophies for each level you complete in Moshi Monsters. However, levels are added as needed. Moshi Monsters also awards trophies for other accomplishments. You can also collect Medals by completing specific tasks.

Who plays on Moshi Monsters?

Since there are more that 50 million registered users of Moshi Monsters, there a many people who play on Moshi Monsters!

Are there any cheats for Moshi Monsters?

There are no cheats for Moshi Monsters. However, Moshi Monsters offers ways to get Secret Codes. Secret Codes are available for many items on Moshi Monsters. You can get Secret Codes by purchasing Moshi Monsters items, in the Moshi Magazine, and in the Daily Growl.

How many moshi monsters moshilings are there all together?

the amount of moshi monsters are there are 140

How many series of Moshi Monsters are out?

There are six series of Moshi Monsters out. Adopt a Mosling is now on Moshi

Can you make two characters on Moshi Monsters?

You can have as many Moshi Monsters as you want, but you have to start a new Moshi Monsters membership account for each one.

How many many moshi monsters are in the world?

The Home page for Moshi Monsters says that over 40 million monsters have been adopted.

How many missions can you do if you are not a paid member on Moshi Monsters?

You can not do a Super Moshi Mission unless you are a paid Moshi Monsters Members.

How many missions do you get on Moshi Monsters a month?

Moshi Monsters plans to release one Super Moshi Mission each month.