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You can have as many Moshi Monsters as you want, but you have to start a new Moshi Monsters membership account for each one.

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Q: Can you make two characters on Moshi Monsters?
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How do you adopt two Moshi Monsters?

You cannot have two Moshi Monsters. You have to make another account.

Is moshi monsters one word or two words?

Moshi monsters is two words.

Who ios rolfi Moshi Monsters?

Rolfl is the secert moshiling that you get in season two misson two on moshi monsters

How do you enter real of Moshi Monsters?

There are two kinds of membership for Moshi Monsters. The Basic Membership (free) allows access to parts of Moshi Monsters. To access all areas of Moshi Monsters you need to have a paid Moshi Membership.

Where do you find the make shift pole in the reception on Moshi monsters- Season two-Mission two?


Can you have two pet monsters on one membership moshi?

Sadly no, you cant have two pet monsters on one Moshi Monsters Membership. (plz add me on moshi monsters, my usernames are bubble8950 and flowerluver895 :) )

Does a club penguin membership work as a moshi monsters membership?

No, Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters are two separate websites so Club Penguin membership will not work on Moshi Monsters.

How do you get two moshi monsters on the same account?

you can not

What Monsters Walk On Moshi Monsters?

Poppet,Furi,Zommer,Katzuma Add Me On Moshi Monsters I Have Two Accounts So Add Amber1012230 Amber1012210

Where can you buy a fossil on Moshi Monsters?

You can not buy the Fossil on Moshi Monsters. You can use one of two secret codes to get the Fossil:DAILYGROWL74FOSSIL1

How do you get poticio on moshi monsters?

you have to be a moshi member and do the 4th mission on series two

Is there a season two mission two on moshi monsters?