How many games does PS3 have?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Around 500

Gamespot list over 1,000 see related Wikipedia link

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Q: How many games does PS3 have?
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How many games on PS3?

The console has no games included. If you mean how many games are there for the PS3 I have added a link to the Wikipedia site on PS3 games. The total number of PS3 games continues to grow and I have also added a link to the Gamespot link that should games that are both newly released and to be released.

How many mature games are there for PS3?

PS3 has lots of games and 700 are found on the related link

Can you save full games on your PS3?

Yes, but the amount of games depends how many gigabytes your ps3 has.

How many games are out for the PS3?


How many PS3 games are there?


Is there any PS3 slim games?

yes All PS3 games work in every PS3 if they have been Updated and have optional Move components (needed only for the PS3 move exclusive games) see list of many PS3 games on related link

How many PS3 games fit on a PS3?

It depends on the games, as every game has a different installation size.

Does PS3 have glitches?

People discover glitches in many of the new games that are released, but those are in the games and not the PS3.

How many PS3 exclusives are there?

about 16 games The number of exclusive PS3 games continues to increase and it must be in the hundreds of different games

Does a PS3 plays ps2 games?

yes it does The PS3 slim and many other newer models do not play PS2 games.

How many games are available for PS3?


How many games have invevted on PS3?

The PS3 has over 1,000 games and not all are unique, but they also are made for other systems