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Q: How many coins do you need to have in order to get a rainbow puffle?
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When can you buy a Rainbow Puffle on Club Penguin?

there is a rainbow puffle it is only at alantic penguin a club penguin private serverPeople Make up things like that you'll never get a rainbow puffle unless the cp CREATOR make one and puts it on Clubpenguin so the videos you've seen with rainbow puffles are fakes....They take a picture of the puffle trace it and colors it like that and they make it on the screen so it looks real theres many ways to do that and make it look real though its not just that one way....

What is the next puffle on Club Penguin?

As of the 6th December 2012, no new Puffle has been confirmed however it will most likely be one of these:Rainbow PuffleGolden PuffleHot Pink PuffleThere have been rumours of the Hot Pink Puffle, nothing more.The Golden Puffle has it's very own play at the Stage that comes by every now and again. Could it be found soon?There have been many hints about the Rainbow Puffle being next including one of the issues of the UK Club Penguin Magazine. PH said that she found a drawing of a rainbow Puffle in a cave on one of her hikes. This could be a clue!

How many levels are there in puffle rescue for the blach puffle?


How do you get lots of coins playing DJ3K?

It isn't a great game for earning coins. But to earn more you should probably just press as many different buttons and switches as possible. Also, take a yellow puffle if you have one as this will get bonus points.

How many coins do you need to buy a puffle in club penguin?

Im not entireley shure but i think its 800 and if you not a member you can only have two puffles and they can only be a red one or a blue one

How many colours are in a rainbow and what order?

there are hundreds but the order is usualy red yellow green and blue you can see that in the sky

How do you get as much money you want on cp?

Well there are many games or maybe some cheats for Club Penguin. Here are some good games and next to them the cheats: P.S.ALL WORKS! Jet pack adventure/ Do the whole game without getting any coins for 1000 COINS! Puffle Scape/Do as many levels as you can and after you will get up to 200-800 coins CHEAT:If you become a EPF or tour guide you can get 600 coins!

How do you get mega coins on club penguin?

to get mega coins on club penguin there are two quick methods:IF YOU HAVE AN iPod,iPad,iPhone (only works with wireless networks) then get puffle launch on it from itunes then put it to transfer coins to (your penguin name(it will ask for your password too) and keep on playing the levels where you can get loads of o-berries (like over 100) and it will transfer as many coins as you got in o-berries (e.g 115 o-berries = 115 coins) very soon you will be up high in the thousandsIF YOU DONT HAVE AN i(SOMETHING) then go on your computer and play club penguin's puffle roundup (it's a bit slower than the above method but it still worksIF YOU DONT HAVE A COMPUTER then...

How many levels are there on Puffle Rescue?

There are unlimited levels on Puffle Rescue. The levels do start repeating, but they keep getting faster.

How many bones do rainbow lorikeets have?

how many bones in a rainbow lorikeet

How many pair of socks g onws?

go to the puffle store and look at the note on one of the puffle houses. It is in secret code.

How many syllables does rainbow have?

Rainbow has two syllables.