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2 in the whole series db,gt,z

he he i hope that you are miseing the point

he have there is dragon ball af allso

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Q: How many children does Goku have in DBZ?
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How many transforms does Goku have?

Goku can only transform up to ssj4 which is super sayian because that was his last transformation at the end of DBZ and DBZ GT.

Who is the strongest fighter of Anime?

Goku from DBZ

Who is Goku from dbz?


How many masters did gohan have in DBZ?

Gohan had three masters in DBZ. And they were piccolo,Goku, and supreme kai. Althow in DBGT gohan's next master was vegeta after goku left earth

Are there any cheats for DBZ Legacy of Goku?


Can you get evil goku on dbz budokai tenkaichi 3?


Does goku ss4 ever come on dbz rb?


Who is Akira Toriyama's hero?

goku form dbz

How do you get kid goku in dbz tenkiichi 1?

He's not in it.

Is asura stronger than Goku?

Goku is the strongest character in DBZ as he's the main character.

What dbz season does Goku meet Goku jr?

he meets him in DBGT in the movie a hero's legacy

Why does goku and piccolo have to take their driving test in dbz?

In the filler episode of dbz (Goku's Ordeal), Chi Chi made Goku and Piccolo (Goku brought Piccolo into it) take a driving test because "everyone has a lisence exept them" and was forced to take the test.