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You will get as many chances as you need to catch Cobalion provided you keep on defeating it in battle. Every time you beat the Champion, it will respawn all Legendary Pokémon that were defeated in battle that weren't caught.

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Q: How many chances do you get to catch cobalion?
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What kind of poke ball do you catch cobalion in?

You catch Cobalion with any Pokeball that is possible to catch it in.

Who do you catch first cobalion terrakion or virzion?

You first have to catch Cobalion so you can then catch Virizion. Because when you go to pinweel forest there are some stones covering the path to Virizion so I'd recommend getting Cobalion first. Then after that you can catch Terrakion.

Where do you catch cobalion?

You catch Cobalion in Milstarlton Cave after you get surf from Alder after beating Cheren in Twist Mountain. You can catch Cobalion whenever you want you don't need it in the main storyline. In Milstarlton Cave you need Tm Flash, Hm Surf and Hm Strength (I think).

Why cant you get to virizion in Pokemon black?

Did you already catch Cobalion? it is impossible to catch virizion until you have caught cobalion. I'm not sure what happens if you faint good luck

Do you have to catch cobalion to get virizion?

Yes, you need Cobalion to catch Virizion. You also need him to catch Terrakion in Victory Road. They are called something like the musket three but i forgot. You meet all of them at level 42.

Where do you catch cobalion in pokemon white version?

In Mistralton Cave

What to do after fail catch cobalion?

wait for a while then come back. Edit: I believe Cobalion respawns/reappears after you beat the Elite 4.

Where do catch virizion in Pokemon white?

In Pinwheel Forest Rumination Field but, only after you catch Cobalion.

What do you do after you catch cobalion and his allies?

catch keledo and go to the moor of isiruss. have ALL 4 in your party.

How many chances do you get to catch the reggis in ruby?

If you save your game before trying to catch them you can have infinite chances to catch them but once you do you can't catch em again.

How do you catch cobalion after it has fainted on Pokemon white?

Leave and return to the cave and Cobalion will have returned. So then you may capture it. I suggest Timer Balls.

What happened after you find cobalion and Virzion and Terrkion?

You can go catch Volcorona. Thats about it.