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A Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck can contain anywhere between 40 and 60 cards, however most professional players play with 40 cards, since they have a greater chance of drawing the card they need each turn, that could win them the game.

Fusion Monsters and Synchro's do not count as your deck, they go in your Extra Deck, as they are now known in 5Ds. If you look on a 5Ds play mat it says Extra Deck, if you look on an original it says Fusion Deck.

Fusion Material Monsters and Tuner Monsters however, DO count as your deck and they must be placed within your main deck.

Ritual Cards must also be in your main deck, as they do not fall into the category that allows you to place them in your Extra Deck, no idea why since they can't be summoned without a Ritual Spell Card.

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Q: How many cards are there in a yu gi oh deck?
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How many yo-gi-yo cards equal a deck?

40-60 Yu-Gi-Oh! cards = a deck

In yu-gi-oh How many cards are you allowed in your deck?

You are allowed 40 to 60 cards in your deck.

How many cards can be in an original Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

there can be between 40 and 80 cards in a deck

How many cards in a yu-gi-oh deck?

between 40 and 60 cards

How do you get Yu-Gi-Oh cards in your deck on Yu-Gi-Oh network?

just drop the cards in yor deck .. they are free anyway.

How many yu gi oh cards are allowed in a deck?

The maximum is 60 in the main deck.

How many cards in a Yu-Gi-Oh starter deck?

There are usually 42 cards (One whole deck and two spare cards)

In Yu Gi Oh how many cards can you have in the extra deck?

15 15

What is special about Yu Gi Oh decks?

A Yu Gi Oh deck is a deck of Yu Gi Oh trading cards. Yi Gi Oh is popular among younger children, and there is also a television show that goes along with the cards.

How many yu-gi-oh cards are in a starter deck?

Depends on the Starter Deck. For example, in the Jaden Yuki starter deck their are 41 cards.

What is the cards in the deck of Yu-Gi-Oh?

40 - 60 cards

What is the limit to the number of Malevolent Nuzzler you can have in a deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

You can have 3 Malevolent Nuzzlers in any Deck. To check how many cards can be placed in a Deck, visit the Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Ban List. Any cards not placed on the list can have 3 in a Deck.