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On average, per hour with no pak yak you can use about 1k bones on a guilded altar, with a pak yak, at least double or up to 7k bones!

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Q: How many bones can you use per hour on a gilded altar with a pack yak?
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How many bones world it take to get 99 prayer?

im assuming starting at lvl 1 and using a gilded alter with both burnersNumberNameLvlXP248,275Big Bones (Altar)152.5165,622Zogre Bones (Altar)178.7124,138Baby Dragon Bones (Altar)110574,483Wyvern Bones (Altar)117551,724Dragon Bones (Altar)125244,335Fayrg Bones (Altar)129438,793Raurg Bones (Altar)133629,793Dagannoth Bones (Altar)1437.526,601Ourg Bones (Altar)1490

How many bones do you need to bury to get 52-55 prayer on runescape?

It varies a lot on the type of bones you use. For example, with frost dragon bones it will be much faster (though also more expensive, per experience point) than with big bones. I wouldn't recommend regular bones, which are way too slow.Also, burying the bones is way too slow - and too expensive. You should seriously consider using either the ectofuntus, or - better, in my opinion - a gilded altar in a player-owned house. At, you can find a calculator that will tell you how many bones you need, depending on various assumptions, such as the type of bone, and what boosts (such as a gilded altar) you use.

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you can bury big bones for none members and dragon and ogre bones for members(they cost a lot)the best are dragon and if you are thinking of even attempting monkey madness you should train on big blue dragonsAlso, if your a member the smartest thing to do is to get a full inventory of dragon bones and go to a POW (player owned house), and go to a lit glided altar. In the House party world many players advertise their altar. Then once your at the altar use your bones on the on it and you will get an extra 350% more exp. This system can save alot of time then simply buring bones into the ground.IMPORTANT: The glided altar must be LIT if you want the full 350% xp.

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