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First, there aren't any poke blocks in Pokemon Diamond. They use poffins. Poffins and poke blocks are like the same thing but poffins are bigger. Now to evolve Feebas you need to give it Dry Poffins. Dry Pofffins are like blue poke blocks. Make sure you feed your Feebas HIGH LEVELED DRY POFFINS so it will be easier to win contests (only beauty contests). Feed it those types till your Feebas won't eat anymore. Then train your Feebas about 1-3 levels and it will evolve into Milotic.

-To get Dry Poffins you have to bake berries that are dry. Go to Hearthome City and into the house beside the Poke Mart. You will be able to cook poffins there.

-To cook Poffins you NEED a Poffin Case. Go into the Fan Clube in Hearthome City and talk to the girl and she will give you a Poffin Case.

To get a Feebas go to Mt.Coronet and surf on any body of water you find. You will need to fish using a Super Rod. It will take lots of time because they are rare, or just trade one or miggrate from the GBA games into your Diamond.

Note: Feebas can only be found after you get the National Dex. To get one you need to see all 150 Pokemon in Sinnoh and beat the Pokemon Leuge.

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Q: How many blue poke blocks do you have to give Feebas to evolve it into a Milotic on Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you catch a Milotic on Pokemon Sapphire?

You catch a Feebas and evolve it somehow You do cath a feebas outside the weather thingy near where you fight the bird gym leader. Then you use Razz berries at Contest Stations to create BLUE blocks. Anything else will throw off the feebas., so you have to catach another. After you feed enough blocks to max out its beauty stat it will evolve. this means a lv1 milotic is possible.

Where do you find Milotic in Pokemon platinum?

You cannot 'catch' a milotic. They can only be evolved from Feebas. Follow the instructions below to know how to get a Feebas. First, you must catch (or have) a Feebas. Feebas are found in only 4 spots in a river, and those 4 spots change every day (the river varies depending on what version of Pokemon game you have). Then, your Feebas must have the maximum of the beauty status. Then, it should evolve, but if it doesn't, level it up.

Where can you find a Feebas in Pokemon Emerald?

Feebas in Emerald and in Pokemon Pearl, pearl and diamond you go in mount cornet where there is a lake. and in Emerald you go to route 119 and i appears 6 times so if that happens go to downdraft and change the phrase. USE A SUPER ROD AND FOR A FEEBAS TO EVOLVE MAKE IT EAT BEAUTY BLOCKS AND THEN MAKE IT LEVEL UP AND THEN IT EVOULVES.HOPE THIS helps you! and sorry for the spelling.

How do you get the blocks HeartGold?

blocks are exclusive from pokemon diamond,pearl and platinum,so you can't get it. But you can feed pokemon with beries.

What level does feebas evolve in Pokemon?

it evolves to milotic when its beauty is high enough. u can feed it with many poffins to rise the beauty of it

How do you evolve Feebas into in Pokemon Ruby?

Feebas by far has the most interesting and most complex way of evolving it and here's what you need to do: First you must create pokeblocks that are high leveled for Beauty, Second you need to feed Feebas these pokeblocks (its recommended to have a Feebas that likes these kind of pokeblocks for a better result), Third after maxing out its Beauty stat level up Feebas and it should evolve. To create the best possible Beauty pokeblocks its recommended to use the Ganlon Berry which can be obtained by purchasing one from the Pokemon Colosseum or Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness poke coupon store. There are other berries you can use but these will work the best.

Where do you get Feebas on Pokemon Emerald?

In emerald, Feebas can be ONLY found in Route 119. Remember this: Over the 400 water tiles that can be found on that route, only 6(SIX) of them have FEEBAS. So this is my suggestion: Bring a Pokemon that knows surf/ lots of repel/ super rod(because with this, you can only encounter CARVANHA and FEEBAS) and PATIENCE. This is how it works: fish on every tile for 5-7 times(hard but hardwork pays big time!). Now, if you've seen a feebas, even if it is male/female, catch it so that the FEEBAS CATCH RATE on that TILE will increase from 25% to 75%. If you don't want the feebas that you caught, fish on that tile again. Hints for a MILOTIC: Your feebas should ONLY have the MODEST,MILD, RASH and QUIET natures because this natures is the only one who favors BLUE POKEBLOCK. Blue blocks raise a Pokemon's beauty which is the one that you need to evolve feebas. Maximize its beauty and when it is full, level up or give rare candy to your feebas so that it will become a MILOTIC. Hints for Blue Pokeblock: Use POMTRE Berry(can be found on the Berry Master House). The higher the level and the lower the feel, the best beauty you can get. HOPE THAT HELPED! how to evolve febas helped....but not how to find it.

How do you get maze blocks in Pokemon diamond?

You walk around underground and talk to goods vendors to buy maze blocks. Maze blocks are large structures that have sides blocked to confuse others. They cost 48-50 prism sphere.

Where do you get poke blocks on Pokemon diamond?

There is no poke blocks in sinnoh it is called poffins and to make them you need to go to hearthome city and have some berries with you as well and find the house that helps you make poffins.

What do you do if feebas can't eat anymore poke blocks?

dont try and feed it pokeblocks. try a ploughmans lunch.

How does Feebas evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

To evolve Feebas into Milotic, max out its Beauty stat with Pokéblocks or Poffins from Dry berries like Pamtre. Feebas can evolve at any level, but it just has to have a full Beauty stat. It's even better if the Feebas has a mild, modest, quiet, or rash nature, because those personalities like Dry Pokéblock or Poffins best.

How many blocks can a diamond shouvel break?

Probably none, as the blocks are too strong .