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15 including flint and steel

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Q: How many blocks does a nether portal have?
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What blocks do you use to make a nether portal on minecraft?

A portal to the Nether requires ten Obsidian blocks (eco version) or fourteen Obsidian blocks for the full version.

Can you make a nether portal in minecraft pe with diamond blocks?


Where do you find glow stone in minecraft?

To find glowstone, you must first travel to the nether; an alternate realm where many different blocks can be found. To get to the nether, you must first create a nether portal.

How do you build a portal to nether in Minecraft?

The nether portal should be 5 blocks high, and 4 blocks wide. Building the portal should leave a 3x2 space in the middle. You could also take out the obsidian in the corners. The portal will still work. Then, light the 3x2 space with flint and steel. If the portal goes up in flames, then that means you didn't do it right. If the middle turns purple, then you did it right.

How do you get to the nether without a portal minecraft?

In order to to the nether you need a portal.

How do you biuld a potal in Minecraft pe?

All you need is obsidion and flint and steel.Form the obsidion five blocks tall and four blocks wide.It should look like a rectangle.After that light the obsidion on fire and the nether portal will apear.If the portal does not show up then you did something wrong.

Are there portals on creative mode on minecraft?

only if you have this mod that gives you blocks like the mob spawner or what you want a nether portal

What really is the Minecraft USB nether portal?

A Nether portal is an obsidian structure that can transport players to or from the Nether dimension. USB doesn't come into it anywhere. The 'Minecraft USB nether portal' is just a YouTube fake.

How many up and how many across of a nether portal?

0 and 0

Can you make a nether portal in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Yes you can. You can place obsidian blocks, and then open the portal using steel and flint.

Do you need mods to make a nether portal?

No, you can make it on vanilla minecraft using Obsidian blocks and a source of fire, such as Flint and Steel.

How do you get to aether in Minecraft?

The Aether is part of a mod for Minecraft; to explore it, you must first install the mod and its prerequisites.Once you have installed the mods, you must build a portal to the Aether. This works the same as a Nether portal, but with different materials. Build a rectangular frame four blocks wide and five blocks tall with glowstone, and pour a bucket of water into the middle of it. This will create an Aether portal, which can transport you to the Aether dimension in a similar manner to the Nether portal.