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depends on how many you win

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Q: How many battles do you have to do to get another belt in club penguin?
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How do you get a belf at the dojo on Club Penguin?

After winning some Card-Jitsu battles, you will earn a new belt. Depending on what belt, you will need to win more battles.

How many battles do you have to win to get your black belt on Club Penguin?

now on the new version of it, they have percentage ratings, pass 100% on a belt, and you will get a new belt

How many battles do you have to do until you get your next belt in club penguin?

Its depends on which belt your trying earn next. So it's not a certain number.

Where is the eagle belt in Club Penguin?

Sorry, there is no eagle belt in Club Penguin.

How many battles do you need to win on club penguin to move up a belt?

I think it consective four but i am not sure

How many times you play competition mode to earn belts in club penguin?

* White belt - 5 total Battles needed. * Yellow belt - 13 total Battles needed. * Orange belt - 21 total Battles needed. * Green belt - 30 total Battles needed. * Blue belt - 40 total Battles needed. * Red belt - 52 total Battles needed. * Purple belt - 64 total Battles needed. * Brown belt - 76 total Battles needed. * Black belt - 88 total Battles needed.

On Club Penguin what is the Club Penguin army?

Its a group of penguins that call them self ACP (Army Club Penguin) and have battles against other Club Penguin Armies! Another good army is the Lux Leprecons. That is not true there is no such thing as the "club penguin army" trust me i have been playing for 567,890,745 days. the second awnser is correct there is no club penguin army its just a lame joke

What do you do after you get the belt in club penguin?

you get a mask

Can you get a gold belt on Club Penguin?


How many battles to get orange belt in club penguin?

I do not know because club Penguin is for low-life computer junkies who have nothing better to to than to boss about some Computer Generated Imagery Penguins made by Disney. Anyhoo,no, sorry...

How do you wear your belt on Club Penguin?

you have only to click on your penguin and then you click on the row in against the penguin and the you choose you belt and that's it you wear you belt

On club penguin where is the belt for the ski lift?

in the sports shop, go to the penguin then click the belt