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for the white belt u need 5

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Q: How many wins for a belt on Club Penguin?
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How many wins to get a purple belt on club penguin?


How many wins does it take to become a red belt on club penguin?


How many wins or loses do you need to get each belt in card jitsu on club penguin?

to get a belt in club penguin you have to have 13 doesnt matter if you win or lose as long as you just play 13 times.(the black belt may vary)

How many wins to get a black belt on club penguin?

For the white through orange, it takes 4 or 5 wins. For the green through black, it takes about ten wins. I have heard in the end when you earn your black belt, the total wins is 88. So

How many wins does it take to get a brown belt on club penguin?

Your status will tell you. Your status is in the right hand corner of the screen. Click on it and it will tell you how far you are from getting your next belt.

How many wins do you need to get a fire helmet on club penguin?


How many wins till you get a new belt on club peguin?

about 3 or 4

On Club Penguin does it really take 88 wins from brown belt to black beltOr is it from not even white belt to black belt?

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On club penguin how many wins do you need to get the magma coat?

you need about 10 to 20 it took me 13 though

How many times do you have to win a belt at the dojo in club penguin?

Here they are White belt - 5 Yellow belt - 13 Orange belt - 21 Green belt - 30 Blue belt - 40 Red belt - 52 Purple belt - 64 Brown belt - 76 Black belt - 88 By Benoss

How many wins have the pittsbugh penguins had?

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How many wins do you have to win to get a black belt on clubpenguin?

16-20 wins to get the black belt, 5-6 wins till u beat the sensei