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i have sims pet stories and my sims had 7

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Q: How many babies can you have on sims pet stories?
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When did The Sims Pet Stories happen?

The Sims Life Stories happened in 2007.

When was The Sims Pet Stories created?

The Sims Pet Stories was created on 2007-06-19.

Does the Sims 2 Seasons expansion pack work on Sims Pet Stories?

No it only works on Sims 2. Sims Pet Stories is a different game.

Do you need the sims life stories to use the sims pet stories?


Do you need the Sims Life Stories to install the Sims Pet Stories?


Is The Sims pet stories The Sims 2?

Basically, yes. NOTE: You can use normal cheats on the Sims Pet Stories, however not in story mode itself.

When your pregnant on sims pet stories do you go to the hospital?

No, you just have your baby at home. There is no hospital in the sims pet stories anyway I think.

Do you need sims 2 to get sims pets stories?

Nope. Sims Pet Stories and Sims Life Stories are their own base games. You do not need Sims 2 to play them.

Can you put sims 2 pet on the sims 2 life stories?

No. sims 2 and Sims 2 stories are to completely separate games

What kind of pets are there on the sims pet stories?


Which game is more popular sims 2 pets or sims pet stories?

Hm...that's a tough one. I have to pet stories only cuz theres so much more to do in pet stories than pets.

The sims pet stories installation code?

It must be on box of Sims Pet Stories. However, if the installation codes doesn't work, that's mean you bought an illegal game.