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there are 5 the 5th one is new called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of the sky

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Q: How many Pokemon mystery dungeons are there?
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In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness how many dungeons are there?

35-40 dungeons i think

Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team how many dungeons are there?


How many dungeons are in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?


I went to Serebii net and I went to one of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeons and I saw a list of legendary Pokemon can you capture these Pokemon?

You can't capture any Pokemon in Mystery Dungeons especialy LEGENDARIES

How do you resue pokemon from the dungeons in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Press the A button on the pokemon.

Do you have to play the Pokemon mystery dungeons in order?

no you dont

What are the chances of recruiting Pokemon in mystery dungeons?

it will be about 40%

How do Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Mystery Dungeon 2 differ?

The land, Pokemon, and dungeons are extremely different.

Which legendary Pokemon on Pokemon mystery dungeons can not be recruited?

All can join your team

How many floors does dark crater have in Pokemon mystery dungeons time?

20 then 15 20 then 15

Pokemon mystery dungeons expoles of the sky can you trade items?


How do you get stones in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red rescue team?

You get them in dungeons