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482 and 11 more Pokemon entered so total 493 there are more every day

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Q: How many Pokemon are there in the entire world?
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How old is Arcesus?

Arceus is believed to be the creator of the legendary pokemons- Giratina, Palkia and Dialga and also of the entire Sinnoh region. Furthermore, it is speculated that Arceus is th creator of the entire pokemon world and all its pokemon. So Arceus should be as old as the Pokemon world which is many thousands of years...

Where can you find all the Pokemon in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

Around the entire world...

Who is the stongest Pokemon in the entire wolrd?

The strongest Pokemon in the world is mewto level x

What is the name of the most legendary Pokemon in the world?

I know that there are 2 super rare ultra powerful Pokemon in the whole entire Pokemon world.Those Pokemon are Raquaza and Arceus, but what i know is that RAQUAZA is by far the most and i mean the most powerful ultra legendary in the entire Pokemon world.

How many trees are there in the entire world?

I think there are about 6,000,000,000,000,0005 trees in the entire world. But i am not poisitive

How many Pokemon are on the national dex in LeafGreen?

Not including Kanto Pokemon their are 235 pokemon in the National Dex. With Kanto Pokemon included their are 386 pokemon in the entire pokedex.

How many animals are there in this entire world?

There are 8.7 Million animals in the world

How many unkown are there in Pokemon diamond?

I believe the entire alphabet, including others such as ? and !

How many rappers are there in the entire world?

as many as you want

How many Pokemon are in the platinum pokedex?

The sinnoh dex has 210 pokemon, and the national dex has 493 pokemon. It has an entire 664 pokemon (I think)

How many universe are there in the entire world?


How many seas in entire world?