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There are 98 episodes but episode 98 is only on DVD.

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Q: How many Dragon Ball Z Kai episodes are there that are English dubbed?
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Why are Dragon Ball Kai episodes not dubbed?

They are dubbed.

Where was Dragon Ball Z made?

in japan it was dubbed in English

How many Dragon Ball Z episodes are there?

100 straight.

Where to watch dragon ball z Kai episode 62 in English dubbed?

Fan websites are not legally hosting the show. They are in violation of copyright laws. However, NickToons streams episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai, as they have license to do so. You can view them at:

Is dragon ball son goku and his friends return 2008 going to be dubbed in English?


Why they are no Dragon Ball Z on Cartoonetwork?

because cartoon network do not own the anime it is owned by funmation (english version) watch it at www.dbz-zone.ord scroll down episodes on left find dbz dubbed

Is the dragon ball z Kai DVD episodes different from the ones on tv?

They have been dubbed and may have slightly different scenes.

Who Dubbed Dragon Ball z?


How much episodes of power rangers and Pokemon and Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball gt and the simpsons?

As of July 2016 Power Rangers has had 817 episodes, Pokémon has 930 episodes, Dragon Ball has 153 episodes, Dragon Ball Z has 291 episodes, Dragon Ball GT has 64 episodes and The Simpsons have a total of 596 episodes however if you were to add the episode numbers together for all of the shows then overall they would have a total of 2,851 episodes.

Is Dragon Ball gt dubbed in Hindi?

yes .it dubbed in hindi.I watch it in hindi on cartoon network channel.i,m 100 % sure that it is dubbed in hindi.

When was Dragon Ball Z aired in the us?

The dubbed episodes of the first saga premiered in the United States on Fox in September 1996.

What is website which you can see all episodes of dragon ballz?

For games .......I think It is for information it is watch