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around 6-9 hours in none standby, 7+ days if in standby depends on how old your ds is

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Q: How long will the DSI XL battery last on stand-by mode?
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How long does the ipod touch last on standby mode?

it last two hours!!!

How do you make your cell phone battery last longer?

set your phone in less backlight; turn off the vibration mode, lower the level of your ring tone / turn it off; lessen the time of the display/standby mode.

What is the typical standby time of a razr v3 with a fully charged battery?

On a fully charged battery, the Motorola RAZR V3 has up to 280 hours of standby time and up to 7 hours of talk time. If GPS is enabled it will drain the battery faster regardless of whether the phone is in standby mode or in use.

How do you stop a computer from going into standby mode when the settings are already set to never standby?

You might have a laptop, if it's true just do what you did for both battery and power adapter source of energy.

Will a phone with a flat battery ring?

No, a mobile phone with a flat battery will normally switch itself off as there is not enough power to sustain the standby mode, the phone will not ring whilst it is 'off'.

How long does a toshiba laptop battery hold its charge?

Holding charge depends on the kind of battery that is used, and it also depends on the applications that are running *Take note: network adapters (used in internet) uses a lot of power see detailed specs of your computer from normal standby hours: 2 - 3 hours (again this is on "standby" mode only) for 6-cell battery 4 - 6 hours standby for 9-cell battery pack hope this helps

Can you record on standby mode tcl tv?

As long as there is a separate recording device, such as a DVR hooked up to the TV, one can record programs when a TCL TV is in standby mode. This is not possible without a separate recording device, however.

What is phantom electricicty?

When you use standby mode on any electric appliances, the "phantom" steals the electricity because standby mode still uses electricity.

Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery?

Many laptop owners are not aware that hibernate and standby mode are not the same. Instead of using the standby feature, more battery is saved when hibernate is selected. Hibernate shuts down the computer, but it also saves the current state of the computer. Battery life is extended, while all your work is put in limbo.

How do you put PS3 in standby mode?

Turning off your system actually puts it in standby. Simply push the power button and the PS3 will go to standby. You can also select shut down PS3 in the PS3 menus to shut the system down to standby mode.

Does putting your computer on Standby damage the computer if left in Standby mode for long periods of time?

No, many people will recommend to turn it off if you are leaving it unused for a very long period of time, but it can not actually damage the computer.

The standby mode power consumption of 50W1-30100 is right around 0.3W?

The standby mode power consumption of 50W1-30100 is right around 0.3W