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It lasts for an hour and a few minutes, do NOT sit and wait because it takes a looooong while, just watch T.V while you wait.

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Q: How long the wheel of monotony lasts?
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How long does it take for the wheel of Monotony?

about 2 hours

Does the neopets wheel of monotony ever stop?

yes it does , the wheel of monotony stops at the lowest 30 minutes - highest 5 hours

What is the longest the wheel of monotony can take?


How long does the wheel of monotony spin?

The wheel of monotony in Neopets is a wheel which gives pretty good prizes, but keeps tuning for a long time. After at least 30 minutes to 12 hours or more, the wheel may stop. Only some people win prizes if they have the patience.

How long will the wheel of Monotony take to stop?

I did it and it takes about 1-3 hours depends really once i won a checkered paintbrush and that was AWESOME!!

Does the monotony wheel stop?

Yes, it does eventually. It just takes a very long time. There are programs that can show you exactly how long you have to wait, and sometimes waiting is well worth it.

What prizes can one get from the Wheel of Monotomy?

In order to win prizes from the Wheel of Monotony, one must have an account on the Neopets website. The Wheel of Monotony gives out virtual prizes at random; examples of such virtual prizes, which are of use only on the Neopets website, include paintbrushes, codestones, food items, petpets, or neopoints.

How do you get a bri codestone in Neopets?

You usually have to buy them. But you can also randomly get them from the Wheel of Monotony, Tombola and Keyquest.

What kind of paintbrushes can you get on The Wheel of Monotony?

It gives out Tyrannian Paint Brushes and Petpet Paint Brushes.

What is a sentence with the word 'monotony'?

i need a vacation. I am tired of this Monotony.

How can you use monotony in a sentence?

There was a sign of monotony in her voice.

What is a word for a lack of variety in certain task?