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well it takes about a week but after two days when you cant walk on it it pretty much always grows

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Q: How long does it take trees to mature in Animal Crossing Wild World?
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When you teleport in animal crossing wild world does it affect the growth of trees?

Yes it does.

How do you make acorn trees in animal crossing wild world?

They come in fall.

What fruit trees are there in animal crossing wild world?

There are pear trees, coconut trees, peach trees, cherry trees, apple trees, orange trees, and even money trees!

Animal Crossing Wild World ds What to do with the golden shovel?

It is used to make money trees.

What are the purposes of the golden shovel on animal crossing wild world ds?

Getting money trees!!!!!!!!!

How many trees do you need in your animal crossing wild world game?

the aprox is about.....:75-90

Why do you have an axe on Animal Crossing Wild World?

You have an axe to chop down trees that you don't want.

How do you get a silkworm on animal crossing?

you shake them out of trees

How do you get loads of bells on animal crossing wild world?

you shake the trees and hope you don't get stung by wasps

How do you get the right amount of trees in animal crossing wild world to get a good environment?

Around 100 trees... I counted on my ds myself........ took 4ever!

In animal crossing wild world ds why do your cedar trees keep dying?

Because you have to water them as soon as you plant them.

What does greenery mean on Animal Crossing?

trees and flowers