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You first have to have a coconut wash up on your shoreline. Then you bury the coconut on the line were the sand meets the grass.

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Q: On animal crossing wild world how do you get coconut trees?
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How do you get a tropical world on Animal Crossing?

When u find a coconut plant it then replace all the other trees with coconut trees it may take awhile

What fruit trees are there in animal crossing wild world?

There are pear trees, coconut trees, peach trees, cherry trees, apple trees, orange trees, and even money trees!

How do you get a coconut in animal crossing wild world?

you find them on the beach sometimes

Can you go to coconut island on Animal Crossing Wild World?

No, you cannot. You are able to in the original Animal Crossing, but not in Animal Crossing: Wild World. You can get coconuts if one of the neighbors sends a letter explaining they found a strange fruit or you may be lucky and find one on the beach. However, you cannot go to coconut island in Wild World.

When you teleport in animal crossing wild world does it affect the growth of trees?

Yes it does.

How do you make acorn trees in animal crossing wild world?

They come in fall.

Where do you plant a coconut tree in animal crossing wild world?

along the shore, where the wet sand meets the dry ground

Are there Bananas on Animal Crossing wild world?

No, there are no bananas in animal crossing wild world. It sports other fruits, like cherries, oranges, apples, and peaches. Sadly, there are no bananas or banana trees.

Animal Crossing Wild World ds What to do with the golden shovel?

It is used to make money trees.

What are the purposes of the golden shovel on animal crossing wild world ds?

Getting money trees!!!!!!!!!

How many trees do you need in your animal crossing wild world game?

the aprox is about.....:75-90

Why do you have an axe on Animal Crossing Wild World?

You have an axe to chop down trees that you don't want.