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just walk out and walk back in and VIOLA' one extracted fossil

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Q: How long does it take to revive fossils in soul silver?
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Where to revive extinct Pokemon from Pokemon soul silver?

In the Pokemon series you can revive fossils into rare Pokemon. In Pearl you can do this at the coal museum.

How do you get ice fossils in soul silver?

you can't ice fossils in soul silver

Can you get areodactal in soul silver?

yes you have to revive it from a fossil

If you revive your Pokemon in soul silver does there pp recover?

No, because when u Revive a Pokemon it Only raises its HP up nothing else.

Where do you revive fossil Pokemon in SoulSilver?

to get fossil Pokemon in heart gold and soul silver in pewter city someone in pewter museum says he revives fossils and you can get them using rock smash in ruins of aiph and other places.

How do you get Godzilla in Pokemon soul of silver?

You take a revive and use it on your arceus OVER 9000 times

If you kill Rayquaza in soul silver does it come back?

It depends it only will revive if you have action replay

Where to get fossils in soul silver?

Use rock smash on the rocks in the ruins of alph

How can you get a kabutops stone in soul silver?

Revive a fossil that you got from a rock smash rock at Ruins of Alph

Where do you take fossils in soul silver?

you can take any fossils you find to a nerd boy by himself in the Pewter City Museum

Were to find fossils in soul silver?

you need to have rock smash break in the ruins of alph to find fossils take them to the musem in pewter city

Where do you get Pokemon fossils in soul silver?

you can in the ruins of alph. just rock smash rocks by the north entrance.