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you don't find it. you go to Korean town and buy it (Korean town is in Ludius)

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Q: How long does it take to find a Korean fan in Maplestory?
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Maplestory how to get to Victoria island from Korean folk town?

It's easy you take the portal to ludi library and then go to ludi and take the boats until you get there.

How long does a trip to orbis take in Maplestory?

5 minutes

How long does a Maplestory patch take to download?

Depends on your computer, internet, and patch.

How long does it take to receive an activation code in Maplestory?

It should be less than a hour

How long does it take to change your name in Maplestory like after you buy it.?

you have to wait until the next patch

Where do you find king pepe on Maplestory?

King Pepe is in his castle. However to got here you need to complete a long chain of quests which will take time when you get to the castle you have to form a party and fight him.

How long does Maplestory take to download on windows 7?

It depends on your internet speed. The file is around 2GB.

How long does Maplestory full version take to download?

Depending on the amount of memory you how, it took me about 2 hours to download it fully.

Where do you find king pepes guardian Katara on Maplestory?

you find it where king pepe is. his in henesys and take the portal where the tree is (near the taxi) go to the bottom right and take the portal there. (you have to be level 30 to get in).

About how long does it take for the server checks in Maplestory take?

Around five to ten minutes. If Maplestory is going through a server check, then everyone that is playing at the time will automatically be logged out. No one will be able to log back in until the server check is done. Maplestory scans everyone's account and makes sure that no one is using any hacks or "illegal" weapons.

How do you get the mirror of insight for lady syl in Maplestory?

Keep destroying these things in the Marble Room until you get it. It shouldn't take too long.

How long is the Maplestory big bang update?

It'll probably take like quite a few patches. I'm not so sure either