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Like any Pokemon game, the amount of experience the Pokemon in the daycare gains depends on how many steps you take. One step equals one experience point your Pokemon gets. A quick way is to find a long path you can ride your bike on and just repeat the path until they level up to your liking. This also works with eggs that you may carry.

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Q: How long does it take for a Pokemon to level up in daycare in leaf green?
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Please give a list of every Pokemon in an egg and where to get it on leaf green.?

all Pokemon at the 4island daycare

What can Ditto do in green leaf?

copies other Pokemon and their moves and you can make eggs with it in the daycare

How do you get all Pokemon to level 100 in Pokemon leaf?

Either put them in the daycare, train them or use rare candies.

How many eves in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is only one eevee in Pokemon leaf green but you can breed them at the daycare or trade from another game.

What level pidgeotto evolve Pokemon leaf green?

level 36.

What level should your Pokemon be at Lt Surge in Leaf Green?

level 50

How do you mate Pokemon in green leaf verson?

by putting ditto and any girl Pokemon to daycare in five island the baby will be shiny depends what girl Pokemon you put

On Pokemon leaf green what level does krabby evolve?

Krabby will evolve into Kingler at level 28.

What level do you find Mewtwo at on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Mewtwo is at level 70 when you find it on leaf green.

What level does Vaporeon learn water gun on Pokemon leaf green?


How do you get chaizard?

If you have fire red or leaf green, You get the charmander for your starter pokemon, then you level it up to level 36. If you have ruby sapphire, or emerald, you trade it from Fire red of Leaf green. If you have Diamond or Pearl, you trade it from Fire red or Leaf green.

How can you get to level in single battle for Pokemon leaf green?

actually, you DONT level in any in the tower >w<