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Six in total, it take 3 days for a baby to become a toddler and 3 days for a toddler to become a child.

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Q: How long does it take a baby in the sims 2 to grow into a child?
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Do baby sims grow up into kids on sims busting out?

Yes, they do I have a child that started out as a baby on The Sims Bustin Out

Do sims grow on sims medieval?

when your sim has a baby, it will turn into a child sometime after, but children never grow into adults, unless there parents die and replaced them, and adults never get any older.

How manys days on sims 1 does a child on sims become a teenager or an adult?

it takes a while. probably how long it takes for a baby to become a child.

How long does it take for your sims baby to grow up on sims 3 ambitions?

About 3days depending if u adopted it or wohooed it

How long does it take for a baby to grow up in the sims ps2?

Not very long about 2 days if you play it a lot

In the Original version of The Sims how many sim days does it take for a child to grow up?

Only the baby can grow up. Which is 3 days. The boy or girl Sim(child sim) can't grow up.

How long does it take for a child to grow into a teenager in sims bustin out?

I believe the children do grow up I just don't know when !

How do babies grow on sims?

Circles form around the cradle and the baby turns into a child after three days of love and care!

Grow up sim child on sims complete collection?

In the Sims 1, sims don't grow up. Sorry =\

Which sims game can you have kids who grow up in this order baby child teen or adult and then an old person?

in sims 1 In sims 2 you have a toddler (and with a expansion a young addult) In sims 3 you have toddler and young addult Thank you

How long does it take for a sims 2 sim to grow from child to teen?

Around eight Sim days.

When your sims 2 adopt is it a child or a baby?

You can pick if you want a baby, toddler or child.