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Well it depends on your internet connection mainly, most computer don't take that long for this game and take at most 1-4 hours. if your computer is taking more than this you might want to look into it furthur. ALSO remember if you turn off your computer the game is NOT downloading as shutting it down would stop all programs. If your computer took a long time then it might not be convienient to play this game as updates come at a good pace and it will be very annoying to wait four days until you can play. Hope my answer helped

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i'm trying download fiesta

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Q: How long does fiesta take to download?
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How long does it take to install Fiesta Online?

It takes several hours to download because of the fiesta client to work,but if you have a fast and not old(crappy) computer it takes about 25 mins.

What is a good fantasy online game?

If you want a good RPG, then download Fiesta. It is free and easy, and doesn't take as long as most RPG's take to download. It is by Outspark, so if you are intreted, go to for TONS of fun. =] You can Select to be a mage, archer, cleric, or a trickster (Fairly New). All are VERY fun, and I really like Fiesta, so have fun if you make one!

Is fiesta safe to download?


How do you get private server on fiesta?

Download it at link below

Can you play fiesta without having to download it?

no you have to download it but its great fun you will love it its worth it

How long did it take to put up Goliath in Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

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How do i download the latest patch for fiesta?

If you still can't find it after this answer ask a game master,it is on the Fiesta website its under the downloads tab.

How do you get on to play FIESTA?

You Go To then u create an account and u download the game and u start playing = D

How long does it take to download NeoSteam?

it takes 1 hour to download

How long does it take to download poptag?

well when you download it, its pretty quick.

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