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Two to three days approximately. :)

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Q: How long does a dog stay pregnant in the sims 2?
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How long is a dog pregnant on the Sims 3?

I think 2 to 3 days. You will not see the dog psychically change however.

How long does a small dog stay pregnant?

The average length of a Dog's gestation period (regardless of size or breed) is 9 weeks.

How do you make a dog pregnant in the sims 3 pets?

meet a nother male dog then cilck on have puppies

"How long does a dog take to get pregnant?

A dog takes 58- 68 days to get pregnant.

What do you do after the dog a is pregnant on sims 2 pets?

You need sims 2 pets. Buy a pet house. Have a male and female dog who have high relationships with each other and your sim. Have your sims selected, click either dog and click try for puppy/kitten with... the other dogs name. The dog won't show its pregnant, but eventually it will have a puppy.(if everything went right)

On the sims 2 after you try for a puppy how long will it take for the puppy to be born?

It takes a couple days on the PC version. I'm not sure about the others. P.S The pregnant dog doesn't show any signs of being pregnant.

How long does the male dog have to be on the female dog to get her pregnant?


How long are dog pregnancies on sims 2?

about 4-7 days if you have the Sims 2 pets expansion.

How long does it take for a dog sims to give birth?

The same amount of time as Sims do.

Should a pregnant dog be separated from other dogs?

Yes, but try to make it as close to the delivery as possible. If a particular female dog is close friends with another dog they should stay together as long as is possible.

Dog has been pregnant for a very long time?

not pregnant, just fat

How long is your dog preagnet on dogz5?

it will tell you on the big heart when our dog is pregnant.