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Anywhere between 5 minutes and 5 seconds depending on your internet speed, but they do not generally take more than 1 minute to update and updated are few and far between.

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Q: How long does a Minecraft update take?
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How long does it take for minecraft to load?

I few seconds plus or minus, depending on how fast your computer is. (this does not count for the actual time it takes for minecraft to open, just for it to load, this also does not count if there is an update, then it will take as long as it would for it to update.)

How long does it take to update a minecraft mod?

It depends on the person who made the mod. some modders will get right on it to update it but some are lazy and may never update it.

Does minecraft pe update at mid night?

Minecraft: Pocket edition will update whenever you choose, as long as an update has been released to the public.

Why didn't my Minecraft update?

If Minecraft hasn't updated for you, you may have to force an update. When Minecraft opens, check the force update option and then log in. That should make Minecraft update for you.

Why is Mojang taking a long time to update the PC version of Minecraft to 1.5 redstone update?

Updates take a long time to design, especially major updates like the 1.2.5 to 1.3 update. The redstone update is a huge update, so it takes much longer than the average bug fix or graphics update.

Can you update Minecraft manually?

yes open minecraft click force update then play minecraft.

How do you update Minecraft to 1.5?

When an update is released Minecraft will ask you if you want to update as it starts.You can update Minecraft manually by downloading the version, weekly update or pr-release you want as minecraft.jar, and replacing the minecraft.jar in the bin folder of the Minecraft directory

How Do You Downdate Minecraft?

You can't "downdate" minecraft. You can only update it. But you don't have to update it.

What Minecraft update does it have spawn eggs?

Minecraft originally came out with spawn eggs in a pre-release - 11w49a. The update was for Minecraft 1.1, in case you are looking for an actual Minecraft update release.

How can you put Minecraft 1.1 mods on Minecraft 1.2.3 and have them work?

No your have to wait for the mods to update which may take some time.

Can you update a cracked Minecraft?

Minecraft is an online game and cannot be cracked. You update Minecraft on your iPod or iPhone by visiting the iTunes stores and clicking the update button.

Will Minecraft be update for window 8?

Minecraft does not need to update for it to be compatible with Windows 8