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No your have to wait for the mods to update which may take some time.

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Q: How can you put Minecraft 1.1 mods on Minecraft 1.2.3 and have them work?
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How do you get minecraft mods on the Xbox?

Unplug your hard drive and put it in your computer and get mods for minecraft

Can you put mods on the Minecraft PC Gamer Demo?


Can you use a mod with a snapshot in minecraft-And Im having problems with my mods I can't get them to work I have put them into my mod folder i put them into jar zipped and unzipped Im

Mods are version-specific. Mods won't be updated to work with weekly snapshots, there's no real point. You should wait for the next full version to be released, and the mods updated to work with that.

How do you get the Minecraft comes alive mod for Minecraft on the computer?

you go download it then run it and put it in your mods folder if this does not work then read the installation instructions because this could be out of date

How do you get a mod for Minecraft PC?

Search Yahoo/Google/Bing for "Minecraft Mods". Read the instructions on what and how to install them and see if they are compatible with the other mods your going to put in.

Can you get jets on Minecraft?

Not without mods (modifications). Mods are extra files that you put into your minecraft.jar folder, which can change the game completely.

How do you put a private sign on a door in minecraft?

It requires mods. It is not possible in Vanilla.

Can you put mods on minecraft for free?

Yes, the vast majority of Minecraft mods are free. I cannot safely say that all of them are, however I have not seen one that wasn't free. It would be illegal to try to sell a Minecraft mod. My suggestion is to visit the related links below for more mods!

What is the biggest modpack on Minecraft?

There are hundreds of mods made by hundreds of people. They go from a single simple mod to dozens of mods that will put your computer to hard work to run them. Just do a search on the internet for minecraft mods and pick from the ones you like. Be aware tho that not all mods will work with other mods made form other people. You HAVE to read the directions of the mod to keep from crashing the game. Also be aware that every time Mojang updates the game the modders have to redo each mod to be compatible. It could be hours to weeks for some mods to work again.

Is there a limit to how many mods in Minecraft that it can run because I put five then Minecraft crashes?

No it might be that you have an out dated mod that crashes to game or that you do not have something like modloader (which you need for most mods). Also when downloading mods make sure they are for your current version of minecraft or it will defiantly crash.

Why don't any of my texture packs work for minecraft?

It's probably outdated. When Minecraft updates, all the mods need to be updated also.Make sure they are still a .zip file when you put them in the Textures file. And did you select it when you logged into Minecraft?

How was herobrine put in Minecraft?

Herobrine is not in Minecraft. This is just a running joke that've existed over the years. You can add him in with various mods though.