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My sources say about 12 hours. Although I am not sure. It is in regards to heart gold . I think it is the same though.

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Q: How long does Oran berries take to grow in Soul Silver?
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How do you grow oran berries grow in pokemon heartg old?

Once you have the Berry Grow thing, you can plant the Oran Berries into it. It may take awhile though, like a couple of hours.

What is the best place to get oran berries in Pokemon soul silver?

If you already have the berry pots and some sense of time you can grow them really easy. If not the best place is to use the Pokewalker to get shards and trade with the juggler in violet city next to the Pokemon center

How do you get lots of oran berry?

try replanting them in the soil and over time there will grow 2-3 new oran berries for 1 planted.

Where can you get oran berries in heartgold?

if you go to dept store in goldenrod city and go to the 6th floor then go the prize draw place then wait until you get an oran berry.Get them from the Man next to the Pokemon Center in Violet City and give him a few Blue Shards and he'll give you a few Oran Berries grow more Oran Berries in the Berry Pots.

Pokemon SoulSilver where can you get oran berries?

well you can't them off tree's you have to grow them in the berry pots

How long does it take berries to grow in the berry pots in soul silver?

Actually it depends how how much you care for it and for what type of berry it is.

How many berries must you feed the miltank at moo moo farm?

"In Pokemon SoulSilver Version, you'll encounter a Moo Moo farm with a sick Miltank. Heal this Miltank by giving it 7 Oran Berries. After you heal it, you'll get a Seal Case and some Seals from the girls there. ChaCha on!" and... "You can't really find Oran Berries unless you got your mom to save up some money. But the chance of actually her getting you Oran Berries is really rare. One thing you can do is participate in the Lottery in the Goldenrod Dept. Store and try to win an Oran Berry. Do the Lottery thing as many times as you can until you get an Oran Berry. Do you have a Berry Pot? If you do, you can grow them. Go the the green house in Goldenrod, the place where you got the squirtbottle. Buy the Gooey Mulch (or the Mulch that allows you to grow more berries) which allows you to grow alot more berries than it normally produces. Normally, if you tried to grow Oran Berries, you'd only get 2. Gooey Mulch increases the number to 5. Put the Mulch in any pot inside the Berry Pot (Mulch is a fertilizer). Then put one Oran Berry into the fertilized pot. Add water and you're good to go. Just make sure to water your plant every while if you see the soil is dry otherwise you won't get your berries. This is the most effective way to get Oran Berries." I got this from other sites so it isn't mine and it's helped me A LOT

How do you get oran berries on Pokemon soul silver?

Depends. In D/P/Pt, you can find them planted. In HG/SS, you can have them planted in your berry pot, Wade sometimes gives you some, or mom sends them to you if you save enough money. this answer's spelling mistakes has been cleared by princess677

Where can you find a Oran berry tree in heart gold?

there are no berry trees in HG and SS you get an item called Berry Pots that you can use to grow berries.

What is the berry pots for in Pokemon soul silver?

The berry pots are for planting berries. By planting berries you can grow more of them. Just be sure to water them regularly, and pick them as soon as the plant bears fruit, or else it might wither before you get the chance.

How much Oran berries does it take to cure milktank?

It Takes 5 Oran Berries To Cure Miltank. If You Dont Have enough you can just grow it on ur Berry Pot. You can also go to the goldenrod city department store 6 floor do the drawing corner get 3rd price bang! random berrey If You Dont have any u can get it from ur mom

Where do you get Oran Berries in Pokemon HG SS?

It takes 16 hours for an Oran Berry tree to fully grow. Use the 'Berry Pots' item to grow berries. (available from the Goldenrod flower shop, after the sudowoodo incident)Here are some other places where you can find Oran Berries:Pokewalker from Refreshing Field/Yellow Forest/Lv.10 Pikachu100% chance from Wild Shuckle (rock smash cianwood or vermillion)50% chance from Wild Pikachu3rd prize from Goldenrod Dept. Store's daily drawYou can also get it by giving a blue shard to the ninja in violet city