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if you go to dept store in goldenrod city and go to the 6th floor then go the prize draw place then wait until you get an oran berry.
Get them from the Man next to the Pokemon Center in Violet City and give him a few Blue Shards and he'll give you a few Oran Berries grow more Oran Berries in the Berry Pots.

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Q: Where can you get oran berries in heartgold?
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What type of berries do you need for miltank in Pokemon gold?

Regular BERRIES. (Oran Berries in HeartGold).

What can you use berries for in Heartgold and SoulSilver?

feed oran berries to miltank named moomoo

How do you get a sealcase in Pokemon HeartGold?

Keep giving Oran Berries to the sick cow at the farm until it is healthy (5 berries I think) then talk to the girl to the right of it and she will give you the case.

How many oran berries do you give the miltank in heart gold?

yes u can...u have to 9 oran berries

On Pokemon heart gold what happens after you heal the miltank by giving it oran berries at the farm?

after you give the miltank all the seven oran berries (its random the number of oran berries mine was 14 there diffrent oran berries you have to give it some times)they will give you the seal case.

Where can you buy oran berries?

You can't exactly buy oran berries. They are found on trees on paths and tree patches.

Can you buy Oran Berries in HeartGold and SoulSilver?

No, but here are the places to get Oran Berries:Give a Blue Shard to the Shards and Berries trader in Violet City.3rd Prize at the Goldenrod Department Store drawing.Receive from Floria on Route 36.Ruins Of Alpha, upper-right entryway 2.Obtain on the PokeWalker.

How many berries must you feed the miltank in the moo moo farm?

In Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal you need to feel seven berries to the Milktank in Moo Moo Farm. The kinds of berries don't matter. But in the remakes Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver the berries fed to it need to be Oran Berries.

Where you fine a seal casr in heartgold version?

first go to the miltank cottage give the sick miltank about 4 or 5 oran berries and then talk to the girl on the left of it

Where do you get the berry pot in HeartGold Pokemon?

After catching or defeating the Sudowoodo, a lady from the Flower Shop will give you the Berry Pots item. The Berry Pots allow you to plant berries inside of them. She'll also give you 3 Oran Berries and 3 Pecha Berries to get you started.

Where do you buy seals in pokemon heartgold?

A girl in Olivine City will give some to you if you have the Seal Case, which you can get by healing the Miltank on Route 39. Heal the Miltank by giving it Oran Berries.

Which berries do you use to save miltank in Pokemon soul silver?

oran berries