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You can't get a tan. Some of the characters are natrually tan

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Q: How long do you stay outside for to get a tan animal crossing wild world?
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How do you get sunburnt on Animal Crossing Wild World?

you have to stay outside in the summer for a long time.

Is it possible to get really long hair on animal crossing wild world?

NO sorry I wish there was

Is your Animal Crossing City Folk character able to get a tan or darken their skin?

A tan can happen during the summer if you stay outside too long.

In Animal crossing wild world how long does it usually take for a animal to give you it's picture?

it depends how much you talk to that person! maybe like a week that's how long it took me

How long does pascel stay in Animal Crossing wild world?

he will stay all day unless you talk to him then he will swim away

How can you get more than one town on animal crossing wild world?

No because I've been playing this game for a long time.

Will Animal Crossing City Folk ever come out on the DS?

yes, not so long ago but it's called wild world

How long until you can update your hair on animal crossing wild world?

You can change your hair in Shampoodle once a day. Hope with helped :)

On animal crossing wild world what is the the best day to get a tan?

There is no best day to get a tan, since every day is different. However, during the summer, when there are very few to no clouds in the sky, if you stay outside long enough doing work and such, you can get a tan.

In animal crossing wild world how long does a money tree grow?

It takes 4 days for a money tree to grow, but the money is not guaranteed.

How long does it take for wisps wish to take affect in Animal Crossing City Folk?

it should work the next time you go onto animal crossing

Should i play Animal Crossing or stay on the computer?

animal crossing better than computer . because it does not take long to load or pop ups or scams.