How hot is ash?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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3,000 to 5,000 degrees F

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Q: How hot is ash?
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How hot was the ash and mud spewing from Mt. Vesuvius?

It depends on how far it has traveled. Ash fresh out of a volcano may be as hot as 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Ash that has fallen from high in the atmosphere will be the same temperature as its environment.

What is an ash bread?

An ash bread is a form of bread baked in hot ashes.

What is the difference between volcanic ash and volcanic lava?

Lava is a hot liquid from the inside of the earth and ash is a lava powder, which is very hot.

What is an ash cake?

An ash cake is a cake usually made from cornmeal, baked in hot ashes.

How hot would engine have to get to turn oil to ash?

The engine will seize and lock up way before it gets hot enough to turn oil to ash.

Where did Mary kay ash originate from?

Mary Kay Ash was born in Hot Wells, Texas, in 1918.

Why do volcanoes make ash?

cuz there wicked hot!

Can you get drunk off hot ash cigars?


What harm can volcanic ash do?

It can form an ash blanket and this can kill if its hot it also suffercates you if the blanket is really bad.

Hot hot does it have to be to turn human bone to ash?

At about 1500 celsius bones will eventually melt.

What is that hot thing from a volcano?

Hot things from a volcano are lava (molten rock), hot ash. steam, and toxic gasses.

What is the effect of volcanic ash?

it is so hot it can create fossils