How high do cogs get in toontown?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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lvl 12 v.02

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Q: How high do cogs get in toontown?
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Why are they cogs in toontown?

There are cogs in toontown because cogs hate laughter and toons love too laugh and the cogs want to turn toontown into a !!BORING!! waste land for more buisness. So toons are trying to stop them!

How many cogs are in toontown?

there isn't a exact number af cogs because there can be millions of cogs

What are cogs for?

They are for defeating, they are in toontown for fun.

What happens when you defeat all of the cogs on toon town?

Thats not possible to clear all cogs in toontown millions of cogs will keep showing on streets. So basically you cant get rid of all the cogs in toontown.

Who built toontown cogs?

In the new toontown story, the VP, CEO, CFO, and CJ.

Are there new cogs on toontown?

Nope, the same cogs are there, but im hoping for new ones in the future. :)

How do you earn new gags on toontown?

You have to use them on cogs.

How much damage does the train do in toontown?

210 to all cogs

Is cogtown a game that you get to be cogs?

No. The game Where you beat cogs is called ToonTown™. It's Published by Disney™.

Are there any girl cogs in toontown?

Yes. Three, The Mingler, The Micromanager, and The Name Dropper. Although, Cogs are robots. They do not have a gender.

Is the skellcog powerful on toontown?

isn't any different then normal cogs

Where do tightwad cogs mostly spawn in toontown?

Minnes Mellody land.