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  • Well This has nothing to do with Pokemon, so you probably have it in the wrong place buddy
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Q: How have construction codes evolved because of fires?
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Has there been a fire since building codes?

Yes, there has still been fires since building codes have been implemented. Building codes help to make sure things are done correctly and that they're maintained, but they cannot prevent fires from happening.

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Get the codes read. Auto Zone will check your codes for FREE.

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Tuula Hakkarainen has written: 'Studies on fire safety assessment of construction products' -- subject(s): Fire testing, Building materials, Fires and fire prevention, Construction industry, Fire protection engineering, Fires

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Fires happen naturally and live evolved to either escape them or to deal with the aftermath.

How many fires occurred in the year 2007 in Philadelphia because of non working fire alarms?

Just because there are fire alarms dosent mean there wont be fires. They are just there to warn you of fires.

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because it fires 1 bullet and takes 9 pipes to get the smoke out of the gun because it fires with incredible power

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Because water is better to use to put out fires than sand.

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Because of all of the fires

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yes it can cause fires because lighting finds the quickest route to the ground

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Why did fires spread so rapidly in the Kobe earthquake?

fires speard rapidly because the fire fighters did not have any water to but them out

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