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That would depend on the amount of Exp your Pokemon has left to earn,because,each step you take=1 Exp point.Heres an example.Say your Pokemon has 1,000 Exp left to gain,then you could just take 1,000 steps (inside or outside,but outside is easier because you have more room to run,and you can speed your steps up by riding your bike)and your Pokemon will have earned 1,000 EXP. Just keep doing that running around (or biking)until your Pokemon has gained how ever many levels you want it to!

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Q: How fast does the daycare level up your Pokemon 5 levels in Pokemon Platinum?
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Do Pokemon evolve at the daycare center in platinum?

no but they can go above that level and you just have to get it up one more level to evolve

Best Pokemon to put at the daycare in Pokemon platinum?

For this I recomend putting in Magikarps till they hit evolution level than let them level up and evlove

How to check what level my pokemon are at at the daycare in pokemon white Without going all the way to the daycare center?

You have to pull the pokemon out of the daycare to check the level

In Pokemon Platinum what Pokemon include their levels does Wake the Pastoria leader have?

In Pokémon Platinum, Crasher Wake has a Level 33 Gyarados, a Level 37 Floatzel and a Level 34 Quagsire.

Pokemon platinum what level does houndoor evolve?

check on it will have its levels and info on all Pokemon btw its level 24

What level Pokemon does maylene have?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl the levels of Maylene's Pokemon are 27 and 30. In Pokemon Platinum her Pokemon's levels are instead 28, 29 and 32.

What level do you get burmy at in Pokemon platinum?

It can be found between levels 5-15.

How many levels does your pokemon level up when you put it in the daycare in pokemon white?

The more steps you take the higher exp it will learn.

What are levels for Pokémon?

A Pokemon's level is a measure of how strong that Pokemon is. The higher the level, the stronger the Pokemon. A Pokemon can increase its level either by battling other Pokemon, using Rare Candies, or by being placed in a Daycare. The maximum level is 100.

How do you level up Pokemon quick on platinum?

put your Pokemon in the daycare and get your bike out and ride up and down for 10 minutes or if you cant wait do it for 5 minutes your Pokemon will not evolve while in the daycare. the day care is in slaceon town

Do level 100 daycare Pokemon learn new moves in diamond?

Because a level 100 Pokemon can no longer level up, it cannot learn new moves in that way. However, move tutors can teach a Pokemon new moves regardless of level, as can TMs and HMs. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, there is also a man who will teach your Pokemon moves it could have learned at earlier levels in exchange for a Heart Scale.

Pokemon emerald gameshark codes level up Pokemon in the daycare?

There are probably some game-shark codes that do level your Pokemon up FASTER in the daycare. If your Pokemon is in the daycare it will gain EXP. with every step you take.