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For this I recomend putting in Magikarps till they hit evolution level than let them level up and evlove

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Q: Best Pokemon to put at the daycare in Pokemon platinum?
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Do tropius make eggs on Pokemon platinum?

Put it in the daycare with a ditto

How do you breed a Pokemon in platinum?

get a male and a female of the same type and put them in the daycare

How do you catch phione on Pokemon Platinum?

you need to put dito and manaphy in the daycare and they will have an egg

What is the best Pokemon to put in the daycare with shiledon?

a ditto

How can you make two Pokemon love each other in Pokemon platinum?

put them in the daycare centre in solaceon town for a while

How do you get an egg that hatches into piplup in Pokemon platinum?

Put a membner of the piplup family in the daycare together with a ditto.

Where can you see phionie in Pokemon platinum?

get a manaphy egg in shadows of almia and transfer it to platinum then hatch it and put it in the daycare with a ditto or get a phione egg from a from

If you put a female leafeon and a male budew in the daycare on Pokemon platinum what will happen?

disaster. but you might get an eevee i have not tried this

How do you get a snorunt egg in Pokemon platinum?

You go to Solaceon Town put it in the daycare with a ditto[get poketch app 9]

How do you make eggs in Pokemon Platinum?

Put a Pokemon and a ditto in the daycare at the same time and wait. No legendaries though except for phiones and manaphys.

How do you level up Pokemon quick on platinum?

put your Pokemon in the daycare and get your bike out and ride up and down for 10 minutes or if you cant wait do it for 5 minutes your Pokemon will not evolve while in the daycare. the day care is in slaceon town

Where do you find the info on phione in Pokemon platinum?

Get manaphy from wi-fi and get ditto from the trophy garden then put them in the daycare and later you will discover an egg