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most of your systems keep working in your body but some shut down till you wake up.

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Q: How does your body shut down when you sleep?
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Why is it important to get regular sleep?

so your body can function properly without sleep your body starts to shut down

Would you die if you didn't sleep?

yes because your body will shut down

What makes use sleep?

Your body needs to shut down in order to heal and rejunivinate

What happens to the animal when put to sleep?

They're body and system slowly shuts down and when it shut down they die.

Does the human body shut down wile you sleep?

No. it's resting and healing, and running very slowly, but it does not completely shut down. that would mean you are either dead or in a serious coma.

What would happen if you didnt sleep?

Your body would eventually shut itself down, so you'd pass out and you'd sleep for a while till your body finished it repairs. If you were to prevent sleep though, you'd die.

How do i get my apple mac to shut down?

You have to hold down the sleep/off button.

Why does Sleep deprivation cause the body to shut down we know that without sleep the body gets fatiguedBuy why what is happening within the body My body shuts down even if I try to stay awake?

sleeping rewires your brain. However, the sleep that is most beneficial to feel refreshed and not fatigued is stage 4 and REM sleep. Your brain needs to recover from working all day.

I have a headache but i have to stay at the computer and im at school what can i do to get rid of it i think its because im tired?

It could be due to to you being tired, your brain cells just want to shut down if you didnt get enough rest. When you don't get enough sleep your body wants to shut down and sleep. You have a headache because your brain is tired and you need to sleep. When it's time for you to go to sleep you should sleep.

Can you be lightheaded when tired?

Your body is trying to shut down and rest and it will take u over and make u sleep after a sertin amount of time

What is the conciquence of not enough sleep?

your body just wants to shut down because it doesnt know what to do. it especially doesnt help when you usually get enough sleep and then suddenly you just stop sleeping for a while. also not just your body wants to shut down but so does your mind. im sure youll feel tired, if not exhausted. youll seem draggy.

Is it better to shut down a computer or leave it in sleep mode?

Is Best to Shut Down Your Computer So Your Computer won't lose power

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