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It's just a simple process of searching for a Pokemon you want to trade something for from anyone around the world, finding the person who has the Pokemon you want, giving them the Pokemon that they wanted, and the trade is done.

where is the location of the global trade station

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Q: How does the global trade station on Pokemon platinum work?
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How do you get all 3 starter Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?

Global Trade Station

Is there a way to see starter Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

if you use global trade station yes.

How do you trade national pokedex Pokemon globaly on platinum?

Put them in the Global Trading Station.

How do you get magby in Pokemon Platinum?

Breed Magmar or Magmortar, Global Trade Station. There are no wild Magbys.

Where to get Ditto in platinum?

the global trade station

Pokemon how do you get a Lugia?

You can either get it by capturing it in Pokemon Silver in the Safari Zone. Or by trading it on the Global Trade Station in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

How do you have all three starters in in Pokemon platinum?

you trade using the global trading station (GTS) or trade with someone that you know that has one

What is gts in Pokemon Platinum?

GTS means Global Training Station, you can trade Pokemon with other trainers across the world. Of course you must have WFC to trade.

Where is the location of the global trade station in Pokemon platinum?

Yes there is. Its to the left of Goldenrod City, pass the Radio Station.

Can you duplicate Pokemon on Pokemon platinum with out an action replay?

I do believe you can. I forget how, but it involves the global trade station. And it can delete your game, so beware.

In Pokemon Platinum where do you find stunky?

IT isn't in Platinum you have to trade for it from Global trade or Diamond

Where is the global trade station on PoKemon diamond?

The global trade station is in Jubilife city. where in jublife city!