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In a nutshell, it occurs when your console overheats. In a design flaw by Microsoft, they bewilderingly attached the heatsinks to both the CPU and GPU with an X-clamp from beneath the board. The problem with this is that the board gets extremely hot, especially around those two processors. When the heat reaches a critical level, the solder around the connecting points on the chips liquifies, and starts to flow - in the wrong direction. It flows this way because of the enormous strain of the x-clamp on the superheated plastic board which flexes ever so slightly. Once this happens, the only way to get the console operational again is to reflow the solder joints, but unless you also replace the ill-advised x-clamp fasteners - it will inevitably happen again.

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Q: How does the Red Ring Of Death happen?
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What do you do when you have red ring of death?


What do you do when you have the red ring of death?

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