How does smeargle learn wish?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Battle a Pokémon that can use wish(eg Natu or Xatu), and get Smeargle to use sketch when it uses wish.

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Q: How does smeargle learn wish?
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Can Eevee learn Wish AND Yawn if bred with a Smeargle who knows both moves?

You would have to breed an evee that is evolved with smeargle who must be a male.

How do you get smeargle to learn spore?

Enter a double-battle with smeargle and a Pokemon with spore. Have that Pokemon use spore and have smeargle use sketch on him/her.

How does a Umbreon learn wish and curse?

They are both eggs moves, and by having a Smeargle as the father with both moves and a mother Eevee, the moves will pass on to the Eevee egg.

Is there a move smeargle cannot learn?

Chatter and Struggle.

When does smeargle learn sketch?

Every 10 levels.

What Pokemon con learn sketch?

Smeargle is the Pokemon that can learn sketch, and its its only move

Can smeargle learn fly?

yes, but smeargle needs to know another move (besides sketch)and use sketch when the flyer lands.

Can Smeargle learn transform?

Smeargle can learn transform in two ways. In Gen III if you put ditto to sleep then have use transform it will fail, and smeargle can sketch it. In Gen IV onwards the Smeargle must know Dig, Dive, Fly, Bounce, or Shadow Force. Have Ditto transform into Smeargle and Smeargle use 2-turn move (Ditto must be slower (use the lagging tail). Transform will fail due to lack of target. next turn, have Smeargle use Sketch on Ditto, and give ditto a berry. Sketch will successfully copy Transform

Can smeargle learn any moves besides sketch?

Well, technically Smeargle can't learn anything else by leveling up except Sketch (every 10 levels). But what Sketch does is permanently copy a foe's move. This allows for an infinite move pool in some cases. Example: Smeargle is fighting an Alakazam. Alakazam uses Phychic! Smeargle uses Sketch! If it works, Smeargle can now use Phychic permanently! It's really cool.

What Pokemon can learn magma storm?

Heatran, but smeargle can if it uses sketch after heatran does.

What Pokemon can learn the Transform move?

only ditto can learn itWrong, ditto AND mew can learn it!Wrong again, ditto, mew, AND smeargle can learn it!

Is Darkrai the only Pokemon to learn dark void?

Darkrai is the only one who can learn it by level, although Smeargle can use Sketch to learn it as well.