How does drawn to life 2 end?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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GOD that freaked me out. From what I can figure, this is what happened (it was SUPER DUPER CONFUSING and unexplained): when the color returned to the world after you beat Wilfre for the second time, everyone returned to their fully colored village. Heather's half-possessed part of her was gone, and she could now speak. The Creator tapped on the Eternal Flame's pedestal, and then every raposa disappeared. Mike, the human, got really scared and was sent to this dark dreamland place, where he met Heather. We don't know what happened to Mike, but the last words Heather spoke were: "God…please bring my little brother back to me." Or something along those lines. I was really confused because there's the CREATOR, not God, in these games. But then there's this song by David J Franco (like all the other music in the Drawn to Life series) called "Real Life," where there's this series of pictures (not a movie) depicting this car accident. Among the pictures is this blonde girl with half her face bandaged, and I suddenly realized that that must be Heather. She apparently had a little brother. And so, from all those confusing scenes, my guess is that Heather, too, was a human and that she dreamed the whole thing. Based on this ending, my guess is that there will not be a third Drawn to Life game, but I could always be wrong. Sorry for my muddled explanation--it's really difficult to interpret.


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Q: How does drawn to life 2 end?
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Drawn to Life 2 is a Rumored or Fake Game but, Drawn to Life: Spongbob Editon comes out for the Nintendo DS and it Releases 9\16\08 and, Drawn to Life Wii (Working Title) is coming out for the Wii and its Releases TBA.

Who is Heather in Drawn to Life?

Heather is a rapo who doesn't talk that much , and likes Jowee in the begging then she akes like his daughter she is- acutely a human in real life. at the end of drawn to life 2 ou see her in a car crash with half her face bandaged and a little boy in a coma whose name is mike he is dreaming about the rapos not sure if there is gonna be a drawn to life 3 mike is a guy from drawn to life but it was all a dream

Will there be a drawn to life 2?

There is one out right now.

Is there a drawn to life 3?

No Only 1 and 2

Which game is more awesome spongebob drawn to life or drawn to life?

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Which drawn to life is better 1 or 2?

Type your answer here... Well I bet its the second because I have drawn to life second chapter and it is very fun.

When did Drawn to Life?

Drawn to Life happened in 2007.

What is the end song on drawn to life all about?

drawing out your own future, and deciding your own fate.

Is drawn to life Nintendo ds game 2 player?

No. Simply no.

When did Drawn to Life happen?

Drawn to Life happened in 2007.

When was Drawn from Life created?

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no he does not come back to life on drawn to life but he does come back on drawn to life the next chapter.