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Drag is resistance.

It lowers it.

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Q: How does drag affect an aircraft's speed?
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How wind affect the car speed?

drag goes up 8times with the doubling of speed.

What factors affect the drag force that acts on high speed train?

Air resistant

Will paint effect the speed of a car?

Not as much as the shape of the car but different finishes do affect drag.

How does a barometer affect daily life?

its used in aircrafts

Does height effects speed?

The altitude at which an aircraft is travelling does affect its speed because the thinner atmosphere causes less aerodynamic drag.

What are the Factor that affect the speed of a running car?

Drag coefficient and power to weight ratio come to mind .

What are the factor that affect the speed of the running car?

Drag coefficient and power to weight ratio come to mind .

Does weight affect the speed of a dragster?

yes but it is better if you tie a women to the back screaming it increases drag loads

What is the speeds aircrafts of MD-80?

The max speed of an MD80 is 500kt, cruising speed around 440kt.

What three forces affect speed?

The three forces that affect speed are thrust (what propels the object forward), surface area (the smoothness and amount of area that comes in contact with the air, which can also be called friction), and drag.

How does drag affect a paper airplane?

Drag effects paper airplane just as it affects anything else that moves. It is either parasitic or induced on paper airplanes. Drag may reduce a paper airplanes speed and/or range.

How much is the takeoff speed on jet engine aircrafts?

i think abot 20