How does Xbox towel trick work?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Inside the xbox are two wires that can get disconnected really easily. So you can overheat it to melt it back together. But i would recommend you call Microsoft its safer.

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Q: How does Xbox towel trick work?
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Is the towel trick safe for the xbox?

to towel trick it is bad because it can blow up so i would not do it if i was you :P

How long does Xbox 360 towel trick last?

When I tried it, It lasted about 1 -2 days until finally it didn't work anymore.

Does the towel trick work for Xbox 360?

yeah it does work! but i tryed it but it only worked for lyke 15 mins. i think u should send it to Microsoft is safer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you use the towel trick for your Xbox 360 and it fries will Microsoft still take it?


How do you fix the 3 rings of death?

You could try the towel trick but that only fixes the xbox for a couple of hours... Send it to Microsoft, I hope you have a warrenty! If you wish to try the towel thing all you have to do is wrap a bath towel around the xbox for about an hour while its on. Then turn it off, remove the towel and let it sit for thirty minutes. It doesn't always work though.

When your xbox has 3 red rings how do you fix it?

Use the towel trick. Search it on youtube but only do this if your xbox 360 is out of warranty. If it isin't out of warranty, then send it to Microsoft.

Should you use the Tea-Towel trick for your Xbox 360 Its not the red ring of death. Its just there picture wont come up. all i get is some weird dots. I can hear it turning on. should i do it?

Do not use the towel trick or any other temporary fix on your xbox it only causes further damage.

How do you make your Xbox 360 controller work?

charge it, turn it on, take out the battery and dry it with a towel

Can the xbox 360 die?

hi, yes xbox 360's do burn out if you leave them on for to long they crash and turn themself off if this happens leave them for about 10 mins and it should work. just for future references if you ever get 1-3 rings of death DO NOT do the towel trick because recently i was recommended to do this, but cause i new nothing about it i tried it, it worked but the next week i got the red ring of death again so i tried the towel trick it worked and the same thing happened so i tried the towel trick and this was were the problem happened i turned on my xbox and within 10 seconds it turned itself of, it turned out to be that the towel trick burns a few pins in the motherboard of the xbox therefore the xbox beleives it's overheating so it keeps on turning itself off. there is no possible way to fix this as i sent it offf to Microsoft they couldn't fix it i sent it to my repair man and trust me he knows every trick in the book about xbox's he nows most glitches, he knows how to repair about 95% of problems in the xbox 360 and he said the only way you can play xbox 360 again is your going to have to get a new one. so just in case NEVER EVER TRY THE TOWEL TRICK.

What are the odds of an Xbox 360 not working after the towel trick?

i would say very high. I remember when i got the ring and tried it it worked, but unfortunately after 3 days it came back.

Does the towel method word on an Xbox with the power supply light green?

Yes, it does but only for a short amount of time. just send it back to mircosoft they will fix it. My friend had 3 red rings of death and he used the towel trick and he still uses the towel method. So yeah its a 50-50 deal GL.

How do you fix an Xbox 360 if it turns on but you cant see anything?

Well, personaly I would use the towel trick. The towel trick can be found on Google or on YouTube. All you do is turn on your console, then you wrap your console in three towels and let it sit there for 15-20 minutes. After that you take it out of the towels and unplug it then set it down somwhere cool for another 20-15 minutes then plug it back in and it should work for you. If it doesn't try sending it to a near by store where you know they can fix it. Good luck!