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he has a yellow horn and a red body and red wings and well that's all.


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Q: How does Drago look when he evolves?
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When does drago evolve in gundalian invaders?

drago evolves in episode 12

Does bakugan sucks?

Yes, Bakugan sucks ass. The 'brawling' has no strategy to it; the person who throws more cards wins. It's like how Drago got Fusion abilities or something, and since like no one else had these fusion whatevers, they lost to him. And basically the show is like; drago evolves, drago evolves, drago evolves, drago evolves, the main cast are now the 'protector of baku-vill', his friends evolve, drago evolves, drago is waay stronger then everyone else, new season, forgets all his old friends for some new even more retarded ones, drago evolves, drago evolves. well it depends on what you like for me i like yugioh better it has more strategy more stuff for it and it its way less expensive i think bakugan will be like beblade its cool for like a year or 2 and then it just dies.

How g's does the strongest drago have?

When it evolves into infinity dragonoid it has 1,000 g's

Does drago evolve a second time?

Yes, he evolves once into Delta Dragonoid 2 and he evolves again after that into Ultimate Dragonoid.

What does infinity drago look like?

It looks exactly like ultimate drago but has the infinity core on its chest and has 1000 g's.

Is Drago a Dragonite or Dragonair?

The Pokemon character Drago is not a Dragonite not a Dragonair. A Dragonite is a type of flying dragon Pokemon that evolves from a Dragonair when the character reaches level 55.

What does delta drago evolve into?

Ultimate Drago these are the different transformations of Drago Drago,Delta Drago, Ultimate Drago, Infinity Drago,Neo Drago,Hyper Drago and Helix Drago Posted by: Gabe Slattman

When is Ultimate Dragonoid coming out?

it is out but i don't know why it doesn't look like drago on the show when it does

Who would win drago or preyas?

they are both the same but drago is stronger and he will win!!! drago drago he is the best in all backugan

What does Magikarp look like after it evolves?

when magikarp evolves(i think around level twenty in the games)it turns into a gyarados. look up how it looks on your computer

If neo drago has 650 how much is maxus drago?

Maxus Drago has 3400 G's.

What does waver bakugan brawler look like?

It has a shortish head and wings like Drago-Dragonoid