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Maxus Drago has 3400 G's.

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Q: If neo drago has 650 how much is maxus drago?
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How much g does maxus drago have?

It depends on how much G's the Neo Dragonoid has.

Do Bakugan traps combine?

some bakugan traps can combine also if you have neo dragonoid and 6 other traps then your able to create maxus drago

How many gs does the bakugan toy neo dragonoid have?

The highest is 650 and is the same as pyrus spin drago so there is a link between the two.

What does delta drago evolve into?

Ultimate Drago these are the different transformations of Drago Drago,Delta Drago, Ultimate Drago, Infinity Drago,Neo Drago,Hyper Drago and Helix Drago Posted by: Gabe Slattman

How much g power does the bakugan neo dragonoid have?

the old neo dragonoid cant have any G power past 523 the neo dragonoid that makes maxus dragonoid has about 600 Gs but,the neo dragonoid that makes dragonoid collossus just alone has 1480Gs

When neo drago vortex is going to be out?

it's already out

Who is stronger neo dragonoid or neo dragonoid vortex?

There both the same exept neo drago vortex has more g power!

What form is drago in from bakugan new vestroia?

Pyrus Neo Dragonoid

How many Gs does Maxus dragonoid?

4450 Gs for all pyrus bakugan with gold horns neo dragonoid and the spyder

Where can i get a neo dragonoid vortex?

well you can get a neo vortex dragonoid soon in the us because Canada already has them plus deka neo drago vortex. so about nov. 15th in us just by re-search.

Is there a bakugan season 3 black darkus neo drago dragonoid 700g?

Yes there is look for it on ebay and bins collectibles

What are dan's new bakugan in new vestroia?

Dan is now teaming up with Pyrus Neo Dragonoid. It`s the Drago we know but evolved, extracted from the Perfect Core.