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He can learn double hit when he evolves into ambipom which is at lv.30 31 or 32

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Q: How does Aipom learn Double hit on Pokemon Soul silver?
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What level does aipom learn double hit in Pokemon emerald?

unfortunately aipom doesn't learn double hit at all in emerald,sapphire or ruby

Where get ambipom in Pokemon pearl?

make aipom learn double hit

Where to find ambipom in pokemon platnuim?

Capture aipom from honey tree and when aipom wants to learn double hit teach it to him then he'll evolve.

Can aipom learn double hit in Pokemon Emerald cause ive heard that he cant?

No, Aipom cannot learn Double Hit in Pokémon Emerald. Double Hit is an attack that was introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl so Double Hit's data is not available in Pokémon Emerald so Aipom cannot learn it in Pokémon Emerald.

What level does aipom evolve in Pokemon HeartGold?

Aipom does not evolve by level in Pokemon HeartGold. Aipom evolves when it levels up while knowing the move Double Hit, which it can learn at level 32. This makes level 33 the earliest level at which an aipom can evolve.

In Pokemon platinum what is number 64 in your pokedex and how do you see it?

its ambipom and to get it you need to have aipom learn double hit (to get aipom try honey trees) ( it learns double hit at lv.32)

What level does aipom learn double hit in emerald?

Aipom doesn't learn double hit in emerald, ruby, or sapphire

What lavel aipom evolve at in Pokemon pearl?

aipom has to learn double hit to evolve into ambipom

Which Pokemon neds to learn double hit before evolving?

Aipom because when learning double hit it needs two tails to do it

How do you make Aipom evolve in Pokemon HeartGold?

Aipom will evolve into ambipom when leveled up while knowing the move Double Hit. Aipom learn Double Hit at level 32, so the earliest level it can be evolved into an ambipom is level 33.

How do you evolve aipom into ambipom?

Aipom has to learn Double Hit then level it up again. (Aipom learns Double Hit at level 32)

What level does aipom double hit?

aipom learns double hit at level 32. If you want it to evolve make sure you let it learn double hit when it says aipom is trying to learn double hit. then level it up one more time for it to evolve into ambipom. aipom basiclly evolves at level 33 just make sure it knows double hit