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yo can rihgh a story by clicking in the coffe shop clicking the upstairs room and click paint by letters

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Q: How do you write a story on club penguin?
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What game is better -- Club Penguin Maple Story or UBO baseball or another game?

I Think Club Penguin Is The Best.

How do you write on Club Penguin?

you type it in the chat box

How do you write a book in club penguin?

I don't think you can.

Why is clubpenguin called clubpenguin and not club something else?

If you turn into a penguin and do everything as one, it'll naturally be called club penguin. Actually there's a whole story behind naming club penguin. It used to be penguin chat, penguin world, penguin land, world of penguins, and then finally club penguin.

How do you unlock games on club penguin game day?

You unlock games by playing story mode in club penguin game day.

What code do you write on club penguin on unlock items?

a code that you have

How can your write numbers in Club Penguin?

i dont know its impossible

Is there an iceberg catalog on Club Penguin?

Those are only story no one can tip the ice burg there is no a catalog of Ice Burg On club penguin

How do you find the secret iceberg in club penguin?

there is no secret iceberg in club penguin. unless you have some malasian cheese in your house. then the story changes.

How can you get back to the old Club Penguin homepage?

Hello. Go to Way Back Machine, And Write The Site Of Club Penguin And It Brings Back Old Club Penguin Website.. Hope This Helps. cya..

How do you become invivible on Club Penguin?

sign in and write,"I love club penguin!" the make a smiley face then click F7. You will be invisable to others but not to you!

How can you write a something on club penguin and not get banned?

If it were me, I would write something that would be beneficial to a penguin, such as how to avoid sharks. No penguin self respecting would want to ban you for that.