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hold the mouse down on it and press up/down arrow keys

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Q: How do you work the laser lights on club penguin?
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How do you get short spot lights to work on club penguin?

you simply cant

How do you get the third penguin in Club Penguin?

If you know how to work this website you're to old for a club penguin.

Why is Club Penguin inappropiate?

Who says that? Club Penguin is not inappropiate, it is monitored by the workers who work for Club Penguin. If you DO do something like that you will get banned.

How do you connect Club Penguin with the unlimited Club Penguin beta 2?

You cant if club penguin does not pop up when you go on the beta. That means you cant use it on club penguin all hack systems DO NOT work, but they USE TO work. But somehow Club Penguin saw this and shut the systems down so it will not work. So basically the beta will not work and you cant use and that is the answer.

What is rookie's password for Club Penguin?

You can not get his password unless you work for club penguin. This is because he is a famous penguin/moderator.

Does a club penguin membership work as a moshi monsters membership?

No, Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters are two separate websites so Club Penguin membership will not work on Moshi Monsters.

Club Penguin how do you get your membership for ever?

no because you gonna have to pay or maybe work for club penguin

How does the club penguin membership card work?

club peguin

How do you be part of the bata team on club penguin?

You mean part of the beta team of club penguin? You will have to work with club penguin. For that, you will obviously have to be an adult. So you can't do this.

How do you get the Duster To work on club penguin elite force Mission 9?

You can get the Duster to work by going into your Club Penguin Device Thingamagig and pressing it.

Your club penguin account wont work how do you fix it?

You should go to club penguin support on the club penguin website. Either you are banned or you have a bad internet connection.

How old is g on Club Penguin?

on club penguin, g is anywhere frome 60-67. he is old than my grandpa that's for sure!!!! lol (club penguin has NOT been online that long. In Club Penguin, his penguin might be 4 years because Club Penguin is 4 years old and he might work in the Club Penguin company.